Recent Projects

The Science Museum: Sustainability Film

The Science Museum Group is the organisation that manages London's famous Science Museum on Exhibition Road, as well as the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the Science and Media Museum in Bradford and the National Railway Museum in York.

As part of a short video on the Group's sustainability commitments, we captured aerial footage of their National Collections Centre, the former RAF airfield at Wroughton.

The vast site is home to aircraft hangars which now house the museums' collections, areas of newly-planted woodland and one of the UK's largest solar farms which generates enough energy to power more than 15,000 homes.

We also captured views of the new building under construction at the NCC, an enormous camouflaged construction with solar panels on its roof.

Footage was delivered to the SMG's video producer to include in an existing edit.

Tom Scott: The Abandoned Hill With Two Members Of Parliament

One of my favourite projects of 2020 was the opportunity to work with YouTube star Tom Scott, whose spotlight videos on amazing places around the world are an online hit.

Filming at the Iron Age hillfort of Old Sarum just outside Salisbury, we shot the whole video (more or less) in one take. As Tom spoke to a handheld GoPro about the amazing history of the site, I swooped around overhead with the Mavic to reveal the shape and remains of this place which are best seen from the air.

Working to only a skeletal brief, I met Tom on-site on the day and verbally ran through the angles he was after before going for a take, a good example of how ad-hoc drone work can be when it needs to be.

The video has almost 1.2 million views on YouTube.